Creek Bottom Show Pigs


Service Sire - Lawless Shipley Genetics

Soul Train X Creature Due 3/8/2019
Swagger X Side Show Bob Due 3/7/2019
Service Sire - Lessoned Learned The Stud

See My Point X It's all Good Due Date 2/28/2019
Service Sire - Refocus The Stud

X-Ray Vision X Full Strut Due Date 3/1/2019
Service Sire - LBA The Stud

Sharp Dressed Man X Contender Due Date 3/5/2019
Service Sire - Smoke Premium Blend Genetics

Wake Up X It's All Good Due Date 3/23/2019
Service Sire - Total Addiction Triple B Sires

Rambling Man X Wake Up Gilt Due Date 3/26/2019
Service Sire - Sky Zone Triple B Sires

Symbol X Swagger Due Date 4/3/2019
Service Sire - Uncharted X Soul Train

Gilt Undisputed X Sky Rocket Due 2/21/2019
Gilt Step One X Contender Due Date 3/10/2019
Gilt Rambling Man X Wake Up Due Date 3/23/2019
Gilt T118 X Full Strut Due Date 3/23/2019
Stanky Leg X Swagger Due Date 3/27/2019